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Dragon Fire

a game you've never seen before

You’ve studied old legends and alchemy, you’ve mastered craft and magic, you’ve build your own Dragon Fire machine. Now it’s up to you to catch the elusive Dragon Breath and unlock the secret to unlimited energy and even eternal life. Test your skills and capture the fireballs before time runs out.

The game is a cross of a traffic control and a puzzle game. The original version includes 26 maps ranging from easy to almost impossibly difficult. The game can be played either in regular mode, where you have to catch a fixed number of fireballs before time runs out, or in survival mode, where you play as long as you can keep up with the increasing speed.

The original speed is adjustable so you can set it to a comfortable level to match your skills. Play it slow for a zen-like experience or play it fast to win against all odds and prove that you’re a true master.

Gameplay preview:


Dragon Fire
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